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Gas stoves give you a constant warming heat that can be thermostatically controlled, remote controlled or manually turned off and on.  Our stoves range in efficiency from 80-99% and are furnace rated.  They can be used for zone heating while your furnace rests in the remainder of your home.

We carry steel, cast iron and soapstone models.

Non-vented stoves are the easiest to install, needing no chimney.  Direct vent stoves may be installed directly out an exterior wall and terminated horizontally, while B Vent stoves terminate above the roof line.

Installation and materials can be less expensive than the more conventional wood stove.

Stoves are available in matte black and also in beautiful porcelain colors.

Below you will find a brief description of the companies we recommend.  Click on their link, visit the company's website and browse the selection of fireplace offered by our manufacturers.

Empire / American Hearth

The first thing you notice about the American Hearth Gas Stove is the way it looks. Beautiful. With classic lines and large viewing area, it's designed to enhance any home décor - traditional or contemporary. At American Hearth, only the finest materials and workmanship go into our top-of-the-line gas stoves. We also utilize state-of-the-art technology to give you a product that's safe, easy to operate and highly efficient.


Lopi cast iron gas appliances feature only the finest detailed cast iron components.  Their steel stoves use a heavier gauge steel than found in most competitive models.

Lopi gas appliances feature a unibody and welded firebox concealed inside the stove body.  The use of the steel firebox insures durability and faster heat transfer.

The sophisticated built-in convection heat exchanger draws cool room air naturally into the convection chamber, below the unit, and circulates it around the steel firebox.  The warmed air is returned to the room via the convection ports above the doors, sides of the unit and through warming gates on top of the unit.

Vermont Castings

Vermont Castings™ is more than just a leading manufacturer of high-quality fireplaces and fireplace accessories. We also carry a great gas stove selection to add a unique look to your home and provide maximum radiant heat to any room.

Choose from traditional, modern or antique gas stoves to add an efficient, elegant heat source to any room. Save on electric heating bills and never worry about getting cold if the power goes out. Like our fireplaces, our selection of regular and antique gas stoves are built by the best names in the industry and made of the finest materials to look good and keep you warm, season after season.


At Jotul we are masters of our craft - we have been a leading manufacturer of cast iron hearths since 1853.  We are proud of our high quality requirements, our tradition and our innovative design concepts.  If you have high standards and demand the best - you are likely to choose a Jotul.

● Revolutionary new JotulBurner delivers unsurpassed gas burner technology and flame picture realism  ●  50% heat control turn down  ●  Handcrafted ceramic fiber log set burns with the warm glow of a real wood fire  ●  No electricity required to operate unit  ●  5 year warranty.    

For ultimate convenience, HearthStone gas stoves are thermostatically controlled, so the heat is completely adjustable. You set the temperature with controls on the unit or with a wall thermostat. The heat is as steady and consistent as a furnace.  You can accessorize your stove with a remote control, allowing you to operate your stove from your easy chair



Non Vented


Gas stoves are convenient, clean burning, easy to install and look great in any room.